AR / VR?

Apple have released the ARKit software to developers recently and what’s in store for the future of Augmented Reality?

VR and especially AR is something that I’ve always got excited about (the gamer nerd inside me I guess) but it’s always been short lived. VR had a brief heyday many years ago, and now you can buy VR kits for PCs and consoles for gaming but still, it’s not something I feel has fully taken off. Maybe it’s the unwieldy goggles you have to wear or the fact that you look like a chicken on steroids waving ‘wands’ around playing games with your face in a mask.

The advent of Apple releasing this devkit heralds a different future, I think, where we’ll start seeing the IoT being integrated into many more things whether we like it or not

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There’s a really brilliant site that’s documenting all the devs that are experimenting with the kit here (Warning, it could keep you occupied for a while so make sure you set some time aside to watch all the videos).

I think that until we integrate this into the wearable tech we already have (i.e. glasses – Google glass, where’s that gone?) and contact lenses it’s always going to be an awkward experience for the user to engage in anything experiential.

Although, I imagine an IKEA AR app for your phone would be super useful!


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