Always Coca-Cola?

Would I be wrong if I said there’s a certain warmth and nostalgia you feel when you look at the Coca-Cola logo?

I wouldn’t be the first to begin to describe a moment from child-hood, of the cold fizzy syrup drink, evoking memories of a warm, sunny, summer day, free-spirited, happy and filled with laughter. Its all lovely. Emotions can be bottled through great marketing, advertising and logo design? Yes!

The strength and power of this brand over the decades has moved, evolved, yet somehow remained constant and true to its original identity. It is probably one of the most recognisable brand logos on the planet, crossing races, all religions even time. Perhaps thats where our world leaders are missing a trick, they all need to sit down with a uniting element.

In this day and age of approaching creative hive-minds, for help to find the perfect way to sell, and make all humans love your brand, we are lead back to what is rooted right in the back of our core memories. Creating a brand begins its journey by finding the connection of the heart and mind that ultimately gives you the one brand, with the perfect logo for your company?

For the first ten to twenty years you could probably find a dozen different executions of the Coca-Cola script as the logo was probably drawn over and over for different applications. It isn’t until the 1930s and 1940s that a clear interpretation of the logo appears and is used consistently. During the late 1950s and early 1960s the script logo is placed within a shape, referred to as the “fishtail” logo, which is as off-brand as anything that Coca-Cola has ever done and is still recognisable.

Coca-Cola was first served in 1886 and even then, the first official logo of Coca-Cola was not the script logo. It first appeared in 1886 in the Atlanta Journal Constitution as both a slab serif and chunky sans serif, so it wasn’t until mid-1887 that Frank Robinson, Coca-Cola’s book-keeper, drew the very first traces of the recognisable Spencerian script logo that we all know and love today. With today’s Coca-Cola branding  of the design sympathetic to its 1886 original.

In 1960’s the wave was introduced, a ubiquitous visual today, when Lippincott Mercer was in charge of making the Coca-Cola identity more consistent.

“New Coke”  was introduced in 1985 and had a new formula for marketing. All new and exciting? Or was it? With its own set of logo that completely ignored the script logo, it wasn’t well received and left rather a bad taste in consumers’ mouths. Around the same time, in 1986, Landor began rolling out an even more developed brand identity that modified the wave among other subtle changes.

Today’s Coca-Cola logo is still amazingly similar to what it was 124 years ago.

A classic, timeless brand that spans over decades and grown over time. So is Coca-Cola the longest standing commercial brand with a tip of the hat to its original? That still sits within the style of where it began in 1886?

So now we’re in December and we’re all counting down the days with Coca-Cola sending out a gentle reminder, we’re here again “Holidays are coming….” (you know Christmas is just around the corner, when the advert pops up on a commercial break!).

Coca-Cola’s legendary Christmas advert, after a year, its here, like a reliable old friend, you want to give it a huge great big hug! The scene is set, the very moment you see this, hear the gentle jingle of reindeer bells, the song, the happy vintage santa imagery, you get that warm, fuzzy nostalgic feeling again, as one of the longest standing brands, winning hearts and minds throughout time works its magic and is coming to a town near you. Look out for the Coca-Cola festive truck and may you send your brown syrup wishes to us all.

Always Coca-Cola.

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