Cut from A Different Cloth.

Its such a refreshing change to see Diesel’s new ad campaign released January 2018. Diesel’s target market that are fun-loving and rebellious, responding to the brand that is successfully globally influential, commanding a directional and relevant lifestyle and message, not just a usual clothing brand.

Diesel are a brand at the forefront of denim design and manufacture with a hefty 400 stand-alone stores, 15 lines, 12 licenses, 19 subsidiaries in 80 worldwide stores. Established in 1979, A clothing and lifestyle brand, Diesel are inventors and creators, exploring new technologies and merging lifestyle concepts into their denim designs. Diesel are behind the new Jogg Jeans. A hybrid made up of a mix denim and sweatshirt fabric, resulting in very comfy, stretchy jeans you can transition easily from home, to dance to yoga….yes, seriously, take a look!


After the years of meticulous air-brushing advertising has received, to be thrown a new style campaign into the mix, brings a breath of fresh air?

A little not quite what we’ve been used to, but surely nonetheless striving in the right direction for the greater good?

“Being unique is much more beautiful than being perfect,” explains Diesel Artistic Director Nicola Formichetti, whose casting approach aimed to find “fascinating-looking people with interesting features” according to the brand.


In our world the obsession for perfection is apparent in the way in which we portray our identities, for some of us we’ll just go along without having a care for it, on the flip-side of the coin, there are those of us who strive for it. Isn’t this the Diesel message a more positive approach, don’t fight, embrace who you! Revel in being your own individual, there’s no other you on this planet, unless you’re an identical twin 🙂 Babies are given genetics and DNA from their parents and bloodline, run with who you are, rather than adhering to this:

  1. the state or quality of being perfect.
    “the satiny perfection of her skin”
    synonyms: flawlessness, excellence, superbness, sublimity, exquisiteness, magnificence, perfectness, faultlessness, impeccability, immaculateness, exemplariness

    “the satiny perfection of her skin”
    • a person or thing considered to be perfect.
      “I am told that she is perfection itself”
      synonyms: the ideal, a paragon, the ne plus ultra, the beau idéal, a nonpareil, the crème de la crème, the last word, the ultimate, a dream; More

    • the action or process of improving something until it is faultless.
      “among the key tasks was the perfection of new mechanisms of economic management”
      synonyms: improvementbettermentrefinement, refining, perfecting, polishing, amelioration;

      “the perfection of new mechanisms of economic management”


How utterly boring, there’s so much more to be getting along with, the fact that Diesel a brand so huge and influencing our growing, younger generation target market, should we be thankful of their contribution? Especially with the social pressures of today’s media and obsession with perfectionism, upon the generations, it affects us all in a way.

The connection that Diesel have with the world and addressing relevant life movements and topics, (including worldwide issues of war, identity ) brings their loyal younger/influential market to a thinking point which with their positive belief regarding the questionable topics, gives answers and focus to the “right” way to be?

Hands down, respect right there! I actually can’t think of another glossy clothing brand working in this way? There is soul within there, parenting as an uncle, who has experience and happy to chat about the lessons learnt along the way…..

“Diesel wants to ‘build love not walls’ in a nod to Trump’s border wall” –


Diesel are right…..

Life isn’t all white daisies.