How’s your workplace culture?

Having a great workplace culture can appear to be rare–and creating one is elusive and near impossible for some companies.

People are often frustrated by their workplace culture, with some describing their workplace as being dominated by negative and toxic personalities, with underhanded and manipulative infighting that stifles growth, innovation and results.

There is nothing worse than working in an organization that has a bad culture. It doesn’t matter how much cash you make or how many weeks of holiday you’re given; when you work in a toxic environment, you still arrive home tense and stressed at the end of the day. And that just isn’t cricket.

There is nothing better than working at an organization with a great culture. You wake up every day looking forward to getting back to work on the projects with people you enjoy being around.

This is our “mission” here at D+S and we wholeheartedly follow it every day.

A few examples of signs that a great culture exists within your workplace.

1. People want to work there

We’ve found that when people visit our studio it’s hard to get them to leave!

2. Low staff turnover

This one’s pretty obvious.

3. Encouragement to grow and learn

Initiatives are available to the workforce to help better themselves in company time learning.

4. Gossip isn’t happening

Be honest and encourage direct conversation.

5. It’s not just a job

Hanging out together is a must, knocking off early for the cinema, lunch out and team lunches in the boardroom.

6. Strong communication

If we fail at this we shouldn’t be doing what we do 😉

7. Embrace Change

Be open to new software, ways of working, changing the tea from PG to Yorkshire (not recommended). It’s important to be open to change.

Everyone has the power to change workplace culture, one day at a time!

Join us in curating that desire for an amazing place to work.

Get in touch to see how we can influence change in your workplace culture.