We visited the University of Derby New Layer Exhibition and we chose our “Best in Show!”

At Davies + Scothorn, we feel it’s our duty to celebrate talent in the local area. I spent my Friday evening walking the corridors of my old stomping ground, the place in which I learnt my practice and help me to eventually dip my toes into the wilderness that is the Creative Industry. That place was the University of Derby studying the BA Graphic Design.

I remember going into our show back in 2016 with a real sense of tentativeness, mixed with a healthy dose of nervous excitement, so I really knew how these students and my fellow alumni were ultimately feeling on the evening. These places produce some of the brightest ideas which I’ve come to understand is way more important than execution. So I approached this show looking more for substance than execution skills.

Since my graduation a few things have moved about, the Vis Comms department had shifted to the bottom floor of the Markeaton Street campus.

Unfortunately this particular release only focuses on the Graphic Design course but can I just say a huge congratulations to all of the Illustration and Animation students on their body of work. An immense achievement for all and your work did not go un-noticed.

All students exhibiting across the design show demonstrated a very professional level of thinking, something that I’ve found to be extremely important in entering employment. So we’re going to kick things off with our Davies + Scothorn award of ‘Best in show’.

I stumbled across Ashley’s work at a stage where I believed we already had our ‘Best in Show’ and then Ashley’s work immediately caught our eye. It’s important to recognise that amount of work that these students output in order to achieve their end goal and Ashley’s Mengami project below was an absolute breath of fresh air. You could tell the amount of research & development was pivotal to the outcome. His approach to the brief was concise and well thought out.

I feel that with Ashley, his work displayed a little bit of irony. Especially with his Ikea AR15 instruction manual. I think as a student it’s the best opportunity you can ever get to challenge systematic injustices and share political beliefs on what is essentially a young and spongey environment, kudos.

Finally, I’d like to commend the following students on their body of work and ideas.

Siobhan Mackey
Liam Newbon
Lauren Anderson-Bryan

Some more selections of the body of student work can be seen below!