Out of Strength Came Weakness

If you haven’t noticed before, Lyle’s Golden Syrup packaging has a rather macabre illustration front and centre.

The packaging, which coincidentally is the oldest unchanged product packaging in the world, features the carcass of a Lion being used by Bees to make honey.

The illustration is based on a riddle posed to Samson in the Bible.  The original painting the illustrator took the inspiration from is in Manchester Central Art Gallery.

Samson’s story also provoked music by the Grateful Dead:

Now Samson and the lion, they got in a tack,
Samson he crawled up on the lion’s back.
You read about this lion, he killed a man with his paws,
But Samson got his hands around that lion’s jaws.
He ripped the beast till he killed him dead.
The bees made honey in the lion’s head.

Lyle had strong beliefs, which is why the tin’s famous logo depicts strongman Samson’s ‘lion and bees’ from the Bible’s Old Testament, registered as Lyle’s trademark. ‘Out of the strong came forth sweetness’, as the quote goes; where bees produce honey inside the lion’s carcass, rich syrup pours from the well-loved tin… And the logo and design remain unchanged to this day (along with the syrupy contents, of course).

Mind blown? Let’s not also mention where “the little piggy that went to market” ended up!

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