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Welcome to the first edition of ‘Spotlight’ a collaborative monthly newsletter from DS and ACJ Media. This month we spoke to Phil McComish from First Call, and one of their customers Mrs Muriel Hoose.

Note from the Editor

“Hello and welcome to the first ever edition of DS Spotlight. I’m Millie Wright, and I work for the global marketing agency Davies + Scothorn, based in beer town, aka Burton on Trent. I have teamed up with photographer Alex Cantrill-Jones of ACJ Media to create this monthly newsletter, in which we will interview current clients of Davies + Scothorn to spread the word about what they do and to showcase how they might be able to enrich other companies. In turn, we aim to reflect on how our work with each business will affect their performance and growth, in order to give our readers a better understanding of the services and skills D+S have to offer. We hope that you enjoy our monthly spotlights and that they inspire you to think about what heights your own business could reach from collaborating with Davies + Scothorn.”

First Call

For this month’s issue we interviewed Phil McComish from First Call. First Call is a not-for-profit branch of Trent & Dove that offer a range of community alarm and telecare equipment operating in 30-minute radius of the office. The service helps those in need to retain their independence for longer, whilst giving their families peace of mind. Devices they offer include fall detectors, temperature control, door sensors, smoke detectors and bed sensors.

First Call is a three-tiered service and they are especially proud of their silver package, which they keep to the price of just over a pound a day, £7.75 a week. This is slightly more expensive than standard prices, but paying that little bit extra for this tailored service can make all the difference, as First Call customer Mrs Muriel Hoose found out. Alex and I went to speak to Muriel to hear her story.

MURIEL experienced a very bad fall 6 weeks ago in her home in Winshill, where she has lived for 55 years. During the night she got out of bed and tripped over the duvet, colliding with a chair and then slamming into the wall. She lay on the floor unable to get up and there was no one else in the house apart from her cat ‘Pebbles’. She had heard about First Call from a friend at a local community club, and luckily, she had signed up for the silver package and was wearing one of their pendants at the time.

She pressed the pendant, which raised an alarm to the Mobile Response Team. They were able to speak to her through Life Line Connect Plus, which she could hear from upstairs, but she was not capable of responding. The First Call Mobile Response Team were at her house in 7 minutes, where they found her unconscious and bleeding profusely. With more standard services, not being able to confirm this as a life-threatening situation, Muriel would have been put on a non-emergency two-hour ambulance response, which could have been fatal. Instead, when the First Call team arrived they immediately rang an ambulance notifying them of her severe head injury. Her case was escalated to red line on the ambulance service, paramedics arrived on the scene within 10 minutes and they took her straight to A+E where she was treated.

The rapidity of the response was crucial. Muriel commented, “If it hadn’t had been for my pendant, I wouldn’t be here, it’s as simple as that.” She wears the discreet pendant every day and she expressed “It’s a small payment that saved my life, I’m so lucky to be alive.” She told us that she likes the locality of the service, and that a friendly face from the First Call team come to check it’s all working once a month. Equally, she mentioned that if she is ever in a non-life-threatening situation, she likes that a discreet First Call van comes to the house to check on her, rather than the police or an ambulance turning up outside her house for everyone to see!

First Call Interview

Phil McComish worked on the ground as a Trent & Dove First Call Mobile Responder for 12 years and has just recently taken on the role of Sales and Marketing Executive for Trent and Dove. He has overseen the development of First Call, a Trent & Dove service that has been running since 2005 and currently serves 1,500 people.

Millie: “So, Phil, how does the service work?”

Phil: “As part of our bronze package, if any kind of alarm is triggered from a device such as a fall or smoke detector, the First Call Mobile Response Team will answer your automatic call within 30 seconds and if there is no response we contact the police or ambulance service who will come to your house to check your wellbeing.”
“Notably though, with our unique Silver Package, when we answer your call, if there is no response or if you have fallen, we will send our Mobile Responder you your home, who on average are there within 14 minutes. If things are serious we can escalate your call to emergency status with the police or ambulance, so that you receive immediate care, rather than being put on a waiting list.”

Millie: “As you did with Muriel?”

Phil: “Exactly. There are few services like it in the area and it is incredibly beneficial for a number of reasons.”
“With more standard services, when the ambulance is called to a no response call, this is registered as a non-emergency call and it can take up to two hours for the ambulance to arrive, and equally it can be a while before the police arrive to do a simple ‘Safe and Well Check’. With this service you receive the right care within minutes. Moreover, if the situation is not serious our professional team can deal with the issue themselves, and considering on average we pick up 140-50 people off the floor each month, we save the East Staffordshire Ambulance service a lot of time and help them to conserve their resources.”
“We are that confident that people will want to keep the service, we offer our silver package for 6 weeks on trial for free, to patients referred by hospitals and surgeries in the local area. We started the tiered First Call service on 14th September, and since then 80% of people have chosen the silver package, realising its numerous benefits.”

If you think you or a loved one would benefit from this service and you want to learn more about how it all works, feel free to visit the Trent & Dove offices (Trinity Square, Horninglow Street, Burton on Trent DE14 1BL) to have a chat with Phil and see the live smart room in action. Equally anyone is welcome to speak Phil on his direct telephone number 01283 528649.

Fact file
Trent & Dove always have a local focus and are keen to provide a support network to those in the community, for example they host ‘Over 65’s’ clubs at their sheltered schemes. Additionally, on the 21st November, they will be hosting roadshow meetings at key locations in the area to discuss Universal Credit, covering what it is, how it will impact people, and how you can adapt to the changes.

Davies + Scothorn
D+S are designing a new logo and branding for First Call to give them an updated look and feel that ditches historical stereotypes and opens people’s eye to the potential of what the service can offer. We aim to dispel the perception that the service is exclusively for elderly people, and that it is equally for younger people that might be vulnerable or unwell wanting to keep their independence. First Call’s literature needed a revamp, so DS were briefed to also create the right tone of voice to promote First Call as a service that provides you with safety and security whatever your age or medical situation. Moreover, First Call are keen to raise awareness that you no longer need to be a Trent & Dove customer to access this service, it is available to anyone and everyone.

ACJ Media
“Hello readers, I am excited to be launching this spotlight with Millie and the guys at D&S. I am an award-winning photographer, who strives to bring out the passion and personality of a company in my pictures. I enjoy getting to know businesses and to fully understand their culture, before using my expertise to create an amazing set of images that effectively conveys their ethos. Anyone who features in our spotlight will be provided with some great photography done by me, which you can use in all of your marketing.”


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