Why you should be striving for a fully integrated marketing campaign and how to ensure its success

An integrated marketing campaign gives you more “Bang for your Buck”, not only boosting sales and profits but increasing your competitive advantage.

An integrated marketing campaign is the application of consistent and cohesive brand messaging across both traditional and non-traditional marketing channels, which in turn employs a variety of promotional methods. Traditional channels might be direct mail or newsprint, and non-traditional channels would be social media for example.

By broadcasting across an assortment of channels such as email, direct mail, mobile apps, SMS and social networks, you can optimise your outreach and target specific groups of people more directly, which key to creating a successful integrated campaign.

Here is a more in-depth look at the key benefits of this approach:

Develops trust
People are often distrustful of advertising; many believe that proposed benefits are exaggerated or fabricated, and that there must be some kind of caveat to what they are being promised. By keeping your integrated messaging consistent across all channels, you provide your intended audience with assurance, helping to build their trust and consequentially making them feel more confident about clicking on the very enticing link that you have provided them with.

Removes confusion
When you work closely on your brand, day in day out, you become incredibly familiar with what it is you are offering, but new audiences need simple and clear messaging to comprehend this new information in a short time frame. Don’t overcomplicate things by trying to cover too much in one email or one Facebook ad, include only the key elements so you make it impossible for customers to misunderstand you.

By pulling your campaign together into one cohesive bundle, you keep your objectives clear and the message simple. Subsequently, your customers will have a much better understanding of who you are and what your company does, and will therefore be more likely to react in the way that you want.

Maximises impact
The effect of communicating consistently via a variety of channels, is a strongly reinforced, powerful message and greater brand awareness. Along with increased levels of trust, this will all work to influence a higher consideration of your brand amongst consumers when they are ready to make a purchase or recommendation to people they know.

Increases efficiency
Deciding on a single pronged approach to be implemented across your various channels will make your campaign much less complicated to implement. Instead of creating various different spins of your campaign, you can streamline your processes by making use of the same imagery and messaging across the board, allowing you to cut down on planning, meetings and resources used.

Saves money
Photography, graphics and content can be really costly for a business. By integrating your campaign and striving for consistency across multiple channels, you will eliminate the need for duplication, saving you both money and valuable time. You can further extend the reach of this benefit by reusing images in other areas of your business, such as on your website or in an exhibition.

3 top tips to ensure a successful integrated marketing campaign

1. Involve various levels of management, as well as PR and Sales representatives in your meetings where you plan the campaign, to ensure that everyone is on the same page and there is no confusion about what the integration of the campaign entails.

2. Create an easy to follow marketing communications strategy. This should have clear objectives and positioning statements. It should also connect core values into every communication and make sure that each element of content works to build your brand, rather than dilute it.

3. Use a Brand Book to maintain and guarantee common visual standards for the use of logos, typefaces, colours, sizing of imagery and so on.

Integrating your marketing campaign might feel a bit daunting, as it seems like a lot of extra work is involved, but if you push past this initial fear, you will soon find that it is incredibly financially rewarding and it will dramatically improve customer retention, brand awareness and internal team morale. Ultimately, once you have got through your first integrated campaign, future campaigns will run like a finely tuned machine. The effort is most certainly worth it.

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