YMCA Sleepout 2018: Sleeping rough so others don’t have to

Earlier this month our Creative Director Gavin Scothorn took part in the annual YCMA Sleepout at Pirelli Stadium.

The sleepout is the biggest event of the year for the YMCA, and this year, marking the 10th annual sleepout, was no exception with a strong turnout of volunteers and sleepers from the local community.

Homelessness is a serious issue, and it could happen to anyone. The YMCA in Burton on Trent work tirelessly to tackle this problem in the local area, and events such as the sleepout help them to seriously improve the quality of life of people like Paul. Paul had been on the streets for 18 months when they found him early one morning whilst on outreach. With their support and his determination, Paul is maintaining his flat within the YMCA, volunteering and making plans to move on in the future. He said he doesn’t know where he would be now if the YMCA hadn’t encouraged him to attend their main homeless site Reconnect last year to see how they could help him.

Our Creative Director, Gav, attended the sleepout this year along with our freelance photographer Alex Cantril-Jones, and a number of clients and friends from the community.

Gav commented: “I knew it was going to be challenging, but the weather on Friday night was not on our side. Unfortunately, high winds and torrential rain is the harsh reality many homeless people have to face on a regular basis here in Britain, so the whole experience was a real eye opener. Working off 2 hours sleep was just about manageable, and the spirit within the camp helped to spur us along, but the thought of having to sleep rough the next night was unthinkable. The volunteers worked really hard to make the night as success, and it’s such a fantastic cause that I’m glad I was able to support in a small way.”

The YMCA are still collecting donations and sponsorship till the end of the month, so we look forward to the announcement of the grand total in December!

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