Savvy social media strategy for businesses using Facebook

With the online world rapidly expanding, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to capitalise on social media platforms in order to stay relevant.

Facebook, with 2.2 billion users, offers the greatest amount of exposure that a single social media platform can provide, therefore it is integral for all businesses (big or small) to take advantage of this.

Why should your business use Facebook ads?

By advertising on Facebook, you can reach new customers, but also observe the behaviour of your current customers through Facebook insights (for example by monitoring what time they log on and which adverts they interact with the most). This enables you to streamline your ads and personalise them to ensure the maximum revenue is created with the smallest amount of payout. Facebook also boasts the highest conversion rates among social media e-commerce traffic.

Although other social media platforms can work better with certain companies, studies show that over 75% of consumers find businesses advertising on Facebook to be more trustworthy, and are considerably more likely to search your business on Facebook than on other social media sites. Furthermore, it helps you build a community by posting relevant content and providing a place for customers to leave reviews, which increases your credibility and gives you valuable feedback on where your business could improve.

Facebook is also an effective way to gain more traffic via search engines because it will boost your page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), especially if you have an abundance of relevant content.

What methods you can use to advertise your business on Facebook.

There are many different forms an ad can take, whether it be in the form a video or a carousel ad, it is important to identify the most effective ad for your business and what you want to achieve from it. Choosing the right ad form can mean the difference between loss and profit. There are 7 different kinds of advertisements that can be used on Facebook:

1.) Image- A simple way to get started with Facebook advertising, but still extremely useful in showcasing your product in creative ways.

2.) Video- A business can use a video ad to create a tone and a pace for the brand, by incorporating visuals and audio that appeal to the targeted demographic or consumer. Data collected by Facebook shows that their users watch on average 100 million hours of video content every day, affirming the importance of using video in marketing campaigns.

3.) Collection- Allow you to show a variety of products or services in one contained post.

4.) Carousel- You can use multiple pictures or videos to display different products or services, allowing the potential customer to see the variety your company offers.

5.) Slideshow- A quick slideshow of products which can load on mobile devices with low connection.

6.) Instant Experience- A full-screen advertisement that is more eye-catching than in news feed ads.

7.) Lead Generation ads- For mobile use only, which are specifically designed to allow consumers to give you their contact information quickly and easily. Most commonly used when businesses offer free trials or wanting to email you promotions.

How to optimise the performance of your ads in a competitive advertising space.

The video you use for your ads must align with your businesses core message, or it will confuse consumers and reduces the chance of potential customers buying your product or service. By using Facebook analytics, your business can identify which type of advertisement works the best with the demographic you are selling to, and what times receive the most engagement. Social media allows you not only to target customers, but also introduce your business to new demographics.

An example of a business using Facebook ads and analytics to their advantage, is KFC in their 2018 winter campaign. The aim was to promote their new ‘Warming Cheese’ menu to people living in urban areas in Poland, with a KFC in their area.

Targeting men and women aged between 16 – 34, KFC was able to create short but highly impactful video ads which were distributed on Facebook news feed and Facebook messenger. By carefully controlling the rollout of their ads, KFC was able to specifically target potential customers, and as a result, they increased their revenue and their consumer’s ability to recall their ad (when asked in a randomised survey). By understanding their customer and how to harness the power of Facebook, KFC were able to achieve the goal they set for the company, and reaffirm their reputation as a trustworthy and popular fast food restaurant.

Another example of a business using Facebook services to optimise the performance of ads was Clinique’s 2018 summer online campaign. Clinique’s goal is to earn the trust of UK consumers and be the leading brand in the dermatological skincare and cosmetics market. Clinique ran two campaigns over Facebook news feeds on certain products with the aim to link these ads to online sales. They were able to use Facebook pixel as a way to monitor which ads lead to more sales. By split testing (using different types of ads to identify the most effective one) they were able to quickly remove the least effective ads and were able to improve their ad results in real time, therefore saving time and money. Clinique also worked closely with Facebook to upload in-store sales onto their database, which recorded a 22% increase in online sales and 7% increase in in-store sales.

In summary

It is clear that advertising on Facebook has become invaluable to many businesses, as it allows them to monitor their engagement and establish their brand internationally, nationally, or locally. By using different methods of advertising for your products or services, you can encourage more interaction with the customer, or even collect emails from potential customers quickly, enabling you to market to them via email. However, with the expanse of businesses advertising on Facebook, it is easy for your ads to get overlooked by potential customers, so being original in your ads and savvy with their placements, is important when investing money into this form of marketing.

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