It’s time to turn the lights on.

Shaping your businesses ‘new normal’


The vast majority of business sectors have been negatively affected by the current Covid crisis and associated lockdown, and it has been interesting to see how the various approaches to marketing and communications activity have evolved over the past few months. Below are the four main marcomms approaches that we have seen from businesses in response to a negative impact of the current crisis (along with our interpretation of what this portrays to their audience):


“Our business is not currently operating due to the lockdown, but we will be back bigger and stronger once permitted to re-open.”
(Realistic and Positive: we are naturally devastated but have no other choice and come through this.)


Here is what we normally sell. We know it is something you do not need at the moment, but we are going to continue to market it to you anyway.
(Naïve and Blinkered: This is who we are and what we sell. We know no other way to operate.)


We are still here and trying to find a way to run the business. Nothing much else to say, so be back in touch once we know what the ‘new normal’ looks like.
(Concerned and Passive: Not sure what is going to happen, so we will wait and see what everybody else does and then react)


We have decided to shape the ‘new normal’ ourselves and can therefore announce….
(Realistic and Entrepreneurial: there will be winners and losers, and we are already identifying opportunities and adapting)


We have been encouraging our existing clients to embrace the latter approach, and are delighted that many of them have used the past couple of months to shape their ‘new normal’. And with those changes comes the need to get on the front foot in regard to their creative, design and marcomms activity.
If you are changing the way you operate and possibly the products you sell, then it is important to tell both existing and new audiences. This has led us to think differently too, helping to market and sell the changes that our clients have made.

Real strategies have evolved incredibly quickly, literally in days whereas in the past these would have taken months.

Collaboration has never been faster or more productive.

We might not be able to predict what the new normal will look like for our day to day lives, but over the past two months we have learnt that it is possible to have some control over aspects of our ‘new normal’ business strategy.