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Hardy Signs

D+S & Hardy Signs

The company is celebrating its 25-year anniversary in 2018. After a successful pitch, Hardy Signs commissioned Davies + Scothorn to create a brand and strapline for their celebration, new advertising and website.

For their strapline we created something with longevity that is simple and to the point; conveying to consumers the gravitas of their history and the presence of their work today, which translated into … ‘Transforming the UK since 1993’.

When redesigning their website, we wanted to create a digital brochure that conveys exactly what Hardy Signs does in a succinct and engaging manner. As part of achieving this, instead of a typical corporate video, we produced a video for them that serves as an inspiring and stylised advert – encompassing everything they do. The website itself is a responsive system that offers an easy way for customers to get in touch, enabling Hardy Signs to convert new clients. We also integrated ‘hubspot’ into their management processing, which gave them a new CRM and helped to streamline customer contact and conversions.

Since launching the website, year on year site traffic is up 21%, relating Bounce Rate is down 17%, and overall contact intent is up by 68.5%. A job well done.

For their 25thanniversary celebration and on the back of our rebranding for the company the D+S team created a branded bottle of beer with casing for the guests to take away. The logo comprised of the traditional tools, known as mahl sticks, that were used to create signage, back when the company was first established. The ‘Steady Hand’ branding creates a jovial link between the company’s traditional method of signage and the 25thanniversary celebration.

In addition, to the rebranding we did for the company, we also helped them on the strategic and tactical front. In assisting Hardy Signs with their customer value proposition, we analysed 3 key customer personas and will be helping Hardy Signs with marketing activities to attract bigger clients in the future.

We formulated an eye-catching design for their vans, updating them from the more traditional design they had before, demonstrating the accelerated growth of the company through visual representation.

A measured analytical approach will be performed throughout the next few years to ensure the funds allocated to digital marketing are measured. Return on marketing spend is a key success to any business.

Client: Hardy Signs
Services: Campaign creation, Print, Web Design, Marketing